University of Bath awards inaugural IB Anniversary Prize

A new prize that acknowledges excellence in the field of international education has been awarded for the first time.

Wendy Bassam-Coles, Diploma Programme (DP) Coordinator at Dresden International School, Germany is the first graduate to be awarded the IB Anniversary Prize for International Education, offered by the University of Bath in collaboration with the IB.

To mark their long-standing relationship and celebrate their 50th anniversaries, the University of Bath and the IB will annually award two graduates of the part-time MA Education programme, for their excellence in international education.

Recipients of the IB Anniversary Prize are required to demonstrate this excellence through a dissertation that focuses significantly on an aspect of the IB and its programmes, be it the philosophy, policy, practice or development. Wendy’s dissertation focused on the transition process between the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the DP

Dr. Siva Kumari presented the certificate to her during the graduation reception at the Department of Education at the University of Bath.

“I congratulate Wendy Bassam-Coles on this award, which recognises the excellence of her dissertation on the transition between the MYP and the DP, and the important role that both programmes play in preparing students for their future studies and lives," said Dr Kumari. "I was delighted to be in Bath in person to present Wendy with the award. The University of Bath and the IB launched this award as an expression of the close and productive collaboration between us, which has been mutually beneficial and rewarding for many years. As we celebrate our 50th anniversaries together, I hope that our collaboration will continue to enrich the lives of our students and our graduates.”