January 2021 update: May 2021 examination session for Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme


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As a global education organisation, the IB is consulting schools around the world. We recognise that learning loss has been a huge issue for the teachers and students in our community.

We are, of course, committed to supporting our schools through this disruption and last year we introduced a range of changes to our assessments and examinations to address the loss of teaching due to Covid, focusing as much as was possible on flexibility and fairness in preparation for the May 2021 session.

While at this time, Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme examinations are scheduled to take place in May 2021, the IB is currently talking to school leaders, teachers and government regulators regarding their local context, restrictions and the impact of COVID-19 on their students.

We will update schools, teachers and students as soon as we can.