IB Day Rio de Janeiro fosters dialogue and development in IberoAmerica


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The International Baccalaureate (IB) celebrated the IB Day in Rio de Janeiro on 13 April in collaboration with the Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro and the Associação Brasileira de IB Schools (BAIBS). The event welcomed more than 150 education leaders from more than 65 schools across the region to learn more about IB programmes and share with the IB community.

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Among the key topics discussed during plenary sessions were the benefits of an IB continuum education as discussed by the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) coordinators from the Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro (Campuses Gávea and Barra). Significant conversations also centred on multilingualism in the Brazilian context and beyond as well as a focus on skills for success in university and entrepreneurial contexts.

Additionally, attendees at IB Day Rio de Janeiro heard from community voices to learn more about the firsthand impacts of an IB education on students and families. Both IB and non-IB schools also gathered to hear educators from different regions in Brazil speak about bilingualism and how it shapes curricula in different schools whether they be international, national, or bilingual.  They also attended breakout sessions, helping educators develop their knowledge of best practices by exchanging ideas and building connections.

Dr Maripé Menendez, Head of Development and Recognition for IberoAmerica at the IB, said, “It was uplifting to hear so many regional voices celebrating the IB and its mission. We have engaged in discussions on how to lead our young generations to create a better and more peaceful world. At the IB we are excited to see more growth in Brazil and the rest of the IberoAmerican region as we continue to implement international, multilingual, and holistic programmes in schools allowing access to an IB education to more students around the world.”  

IB Day events are small-scale, one-day face-to-face gatherings of IB World Schools and non-IB schools that facilitate deeper conversations surrounding an IB education while recognizing local and regional IB programmes. 

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