Celebrating 13,000 educators using IB Exchange


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More than 13,000 International Baccalaureate (IB) educators across the globe are using IB Exchange to access thousands of resources, share their expertise, and learn new and background knowledge that can be applied inside classrooms.

IB Exchange is an interactive professional learning platform centered on teacher expertise where a vibrant community of IB teachers celebrates learning, building their network and nurturing their skills. The pilot phase was introduced in 2021 and it started with specific subjects within the Diploma Programme (DP). The platform has been growing and introducing new additional subjects and programmes twice a year, making the Primary Years Programme (PYP) fully available by January 2024.

“I like the interactive nature of the platform and how you can build up resources for your area of teaching by exchanging ideas with a global community of teachers and educators. And the fact that you can get help from the platform's vast store of resources,” noted one of the IB educators about IB Exchange.

This platform provides a space for educators where they can build their community, facilitate learning through a variety of resources and have access to professional learning to support their professional development. In addition, the IB Exchange empowers teachers to personalize the IB curriculum to local culture, community, school and student needs by providing diverse approaches.

“It is a great platform to connect with people who have the same questions and experiences as me regarding the IB programme. It has also given me access to useful resources used by others that have helped me create original material to use in class. It is always fascinating to explore and gain insight into new perspectives,” said one of the IB educators that uses IB Exchange.

As the IB keeps working closely with educators worldwide to explore the needs of the platform and expand the subjects and programmes, new features are coming to the surface. The IB Exchange is piloting micro-credentials, a new self-directed, continuous professional learning opportunity, aligned with the IB teacher capabilities framework. This is a new professional learning opportunity for educators and a new way of IB learning. The IB will share more information in the following months.