Improved website navigation coming soon


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Later this month, the IB will be improving the main navigation on this website. Please read below about what you can expect from these updates.

The IB strives towards providing clear and easily accessible information to our community, which is why we are making some improvements to the website navigation. Below you will find a list of the most noticeable changes.

New main navigation with promoted links 

Providing more space across the main menu to access deeper pages directly.


New breadcrumbs

Clearly see the path to the page being viewed, and the pathway back.

New visual design for the left-hand navigation

Displays the depth of a page or section with gradient highlights. Directional arrows indicate each new section.


Sticky-left navigation with scrolling sections

For longer pages the left-hand navigation will stay in view when you scroll. In sections with many pages, you can scroll within a menu panel without the need to scroll an entire page.

Improved mobile navigation

A clearer and more simplified experience for anyone using a mobile device.



We hope that these changes will provide a more positive experience for our users and offer easier access to information, regardless of the device type or screen size. 

Please let us know what you think of these changes – contact us on our feedback page