Designing Future Education – International Education and Skills Summit


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This year’s International Education and Skills Summit featured delegates from UNESCO, OECD and the World Bank, alongside global educational leaders, policy makers and government ministers. The summit’s theme was: Nurturing Sustainability, Education and Learning: 2022 and beyond.

The International Baccalaureate was represented by Sally Holloway, the IB’s Deputy Director General. She joined the panel to discuss 'How can we design better learning experiences, cultivate curiosity, and encourage learning by doing?'

During a wide-ranging discussion, Sally said that: “The IB is rightly famous for academic rigour, but we are equally focused on fostering the “whole student”. She also referred to the impact of COVID-19 on education, and on the IB’s determination to ensure that positive educational outcomes will emerge from the pandemic:

As the pandemic progresses, it is becoming clear that education is undergoing a radical global challenge that will affect its every aspect—from curriculum design through classroom practice, teacher training and assessment. This will impact the content of what we teach, as well as the processes and channels through which that content is taught. The IB has always encouraged curiosity, problem-solving and learning by doing—alongside a range of educational approaches designed to develop the individual strengths of each unique IB student. And so, we’re ahead of the curve in many of these necessary developments, and our commitment to delivering the best for students and schools has been energized still more by the desire and necessity to embrace change, grounded in best and proven practice.