The IB and HundrED launch community of global youth future leaders


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The IB and HundrED believe in the critical role that young people must play in the conversation around the future and launch a global network of passionate young people to support future innovators and changemakers to create and build upon social impact projects tackling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Over a four-month programme—through online workshops, discussions, opportunities for mentorship and a closed Discord channel—Youth Ambassadors will learn, ideate, and collaborate to tackle some of today’s global challenges. In addition to providing support to these future innovators, this programme aims to build a supportive, kind, inspiring and safe online community of young people aged 12 – 19.

“We are committed to empowering future innovators and providing them with opportunities, support and a platform to try, learn and engage in a safe online community. This community welcomes anyone open to learning, connecting and embracing the awesomeness that comes with engaging and meeting people from around the world,” said Katija Aladin, Head of Community at HundrED.  

In 2022 the IB launched the Festival of Hope—an inspiring community that will help us think boldly, nurture our curiosity and empower us to act together. The HundrED Youth ambassador programme is the third pathway to action to be announced.



HundrED is a Finnish mission-driven organization identifying education innovations globally. Since 2019 their Youth Ambassador Community has brought together young changemakers aged 12–19 from around the world with a common goal—to make change happen in education. Through informal online forums, engaging workshops and networking with leaders in the education sector, youth ambassadors learn what it takes to take a social challenge and transform it into an opportunity.