IB and HundrED collaborate to inspire the global youth community


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Aligned with the commitment to amplify and inspire global student voices, the IB and HundrED are partnering to expand HundrED’s existing Youth Ambassadors Programme as part of the IB’s Festival of Hope initiative.

As one of the pathways to action launching during the Festival of Hope, the Youth Ambassadors programme aims to bring young people together to join an online community focused on actionable and impactful change. Students will be able to engage in discussions and connect with potential collaborators from around the world to drive the change they are passionate about. Through this partnership, IB and HundrED are excited to bring together a greater network of passionate young people and play a role in their journey of learning how to take on a social challenge and transform it into an opportunity.  

“We are committed to empowering future innovators and providing them with opportunities, support and a platform to try, learn and engage in a safe online community. This community welcomes anyone open to learning, connecting and embracing the awesomeness that comes with engaging and meeting people from around the world,” says Katija Aladin, Head of Community at HundrED.   

Beginning in 2018, HundrED launched the HundrED Youth Ambassadors Programme, which has since then worked with over 100 student leaders globally to join discussions and collaborations on innovation in education. Designed to unite the global community around today’s most challenging issues, the Festival of Hope is an initiative that creates spaces for millions of young people to speak up and turn complex challenges into positivity and hope. 

Through this partnership, the programme will bring together students ages 12–19 on a digital platform to connect, have thoughtful discussions and participate in a broad scope of global issues beyond education, including sustainability, social justice, and innovation for change and initiatives focused on change-making and innovation. 

The IB will share more information about the Youth Ambassadors programme in early 2023.