School head’s podcast: How the IB is unique and a great fit for many students

In a recent podcast with SchooLinks, Dianne Drew, Head of New York's Dwight School, offers her thoughts on what makes the IB unique. Dianne says that Dwight's approach to education is “dedicated to igniting the spark of genius" in all students, and believes this links to the ethos of the IB.

When asked about the key distinguishing traits between the IB and US public school system, Dianne feels that IB programmes motivate students in a particularly strong way, and that it’s a great fit for so many students, no matter what type of background they may come from. She also appreciates the IB’s holistic approach, something she feels is very unique to the IB's approach to teaching and learning. Another key difference, she says, is that the IB is considered “a gold standard for college preparation”, and discusses how IB students outperform their non-IB peers in college preparation and participation.

Listen to the podcast:

The Path to Higher Ed: Improve Your College Readiness Program, Expand College Access and Send more of Your Students to College - Dianne Drew, College Readiness Through an IB Lens



Dianne Drew is a member of the IB Heads Council, and will be participating in the IB Heads World Conference 2018.