Queen Rania of Jordan hails teachers as engineers of the future

In partnership with the IB, Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) welcomed more than 900 participants at this year’s third annual Teacher Skills Forum. The Forum examined the process of deconstructing learning targets and re-constructing clear and understandable learning goals to enrich the quality of teaching/learning experiences in the classroom.

Queen Rania of Jordan urged educators to teach values of peace and co-existence in the modern landscape – encouraging them to redefine their roles as leaders of hope. 

The discussion centred around six objectives: learning new teaching strategies and techniques, discussing goals for enhancing and learning environment, share teaching practices, networking, providing innovative ideas to teachers along ways to incorporate technology methods into their teaching plans and supporting teachers as they work to incorporate and align these methods into their teaching plans.

In her opening remarks, the Queen reflected on the state of the global economy, expressing concern about its continued stagnation and the extent of polarization the world is experiencing today. The Queen referred to teachers as the “engineers of the future,” imploring them to help students master the building of a great future.

IB Director General, Dr Siva Kumari also spoke at the opening session, addressing the power of teachers in the classrooms and the power of education in the creation of an evolved humanitarian citizen.


“We all know that it is the students of today that will bring about the change in their country, and the world of tomorrow. I see the need for the world to see teachers as valuable professionals, just as valuable as doctors. I don’t think we as educators should see this as a nicety; I think we should advocate this as a necessity.”


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