IB team set to speak at upcoming Teacher Skills Forum 2018

Ten IB representatives are preparing to participate in this year’s Teacher Skills Forum.

The IB’s Director of Strategy Development and Execution, Carolyn Adams, will deliver a research plenary titled “Why do teachers hate exams (and how can they learn to love them)?"

Carolyn will explore why many teachers do not like traditional forms of assessments and also try and understand how assessments can have a value in supporting good learning and teaching.  She will then consider how innovative new assessments, which capitalise on the opportunities offered by the use of rich media in an on-screen delivery, can provide many of the benefits of standardised assessments, whilst avoiding some of the most disliked features of many current public examinations. 

The Teacher Skills Forum is an initiative of Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) and is presented in partnership with the IB. The thematic strands of the 2018 Forum will incorporate the cross-cutting theme of 'Growth beyond Grades'. Entrenched within each of the strands will be innovative approaches to teaching and the use of technology to enhance learning outcomes. 
The thematic focus for the 2018 Teacher Skills Forum (Growth beyond Grades) encourages educators of all ages to examine practices, other than grading, that are likely to have long lasting effect on students' learning and equip them with life skills needed for the 21st century.

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