IB education leaders convene in Istanbul

Over 1,800 IB educators, decision makers and practitioners from schools across the country recently gathered at Maltepe University in Istanbul for the 14th Anniversary Education Leadership Conference to discuss education for the 21st century.

Delegates left the biennial conference inspired by a range of thought-provoking workshops from high profile speakers, including Dr Margaret Heffernan, formerly chief executive of several media organisations and now renowned business author and TED speaker. She spoke on the topic of ‘education for life’, discussing the importance of instilling lifelong learning by inspiring and supporting the next generation with the necessary tools and skills to be equipped for growth and change.

Dina Khalaf, Regional Development & Recognition Manager at IB, addressed the delegates: “Every IB teacher, programme coordinator, principal, head of school keeps the IB mission of education for a better world alive. Each and every day you impact on the lives of IB students with the highest of education standards in a meaningful and enriching way.”

As well as hearing from the keynote speakers, delegates participated in a full programme of IB professional development workshops on a range of topics from project-based learning to subject-specific seminars, and assessment.

The continuum of three or more IB programmes has been taught in Turkey since 1994, with almost 70 schools across the country offering over 80 authorized programmes to students.

Khalaf said: “Increasing access to an IB education across the world and building a diverse global IB community remains at the very heart of the IB mission. The IB continues to engage with governments to widen access to IB programmes. Our work with governments across the world is important to ensure our students are recognised for the hard work and achievements accomplished by completing our programmes.”