IB Director General welcomed by IB community in Madrid

Dr Siva Kumari spent time with members of the IB community in various parts of Madrid on a trip to the city last week.

An event to mark the IB’s 50th anniversary was held at IES Ramiro de Maeztu, and was attended by 180 educators from all over Spain. Students and educators spoke of their IB experiences and the role the community plays in Spanish education.   

Dr Kumari also met representatives of the Atlético de Madrid Academy, where the Career-related Programme (CP) plays a key role in the education of young athletes. Students, parents and school leaders shared with Dr Siva Kumari how the CP helps to extend students’ sports careers and manage their future.

The visit took place at the Colegio Estudiantes, which is part of the Liceo Europeo Group that offers all four IB programmes.
Teresa Chirivi, Deputy Head of the Atlético de Madrid Academy and international expansion of Atlético de Madrid FC said “Atlético de Madrid Academy and the IB have worked together to develop our model of academy for our players all around the world”.

During the visit, Dr Kumari also met with education Secretary of State Marcial Marín Hellín and Marco Rando, Director General of Assessment at the Ministry of Education.

Dr Kumari also joined the celebrations at SEK-El Castillo, who mark their 40th anniversary this year. Nieves Segovia, President of SEK Educational Group, said “SEK and the IB have been together now for 40 years sharing the same values and wishing for their students, and for the whole world, a better future”.

“In 1977”, she added “SEK published a document explaining the IB to its educational community. The IB was born to meet the pressing needs of today’s world, where borders are increasingly blurred and closed educational systems progressively lose their meaning, the need arises for a universal teaching of the different sciences through the use of common linguistic codes”.

Dr Kumari also spent time at the IES Rosa Chacel School. “The work DP students produce, the way they manage their time is fascinating”, said Paz Blanco, president of the Parents’ Association at the school. “This school is always looking forward to new challenges and we would like to be able to offer the MYP to our entire secondary school”.