IB Board of Governors announcement

After nearly twelve years serving the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) with honour and distinction, including the last 6 years as Director General, Dr. Siva Kumari recently shared with the Board of Governors she is ready for the next challenge in her career. Her dedicated service to the IB, talent, and ideas ensure the organization is well positioned for the future. We appreciate her leadership and dedication to the organization, especially as it navigates the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Siva’s leadership and accomplishments give us much to celebrate—and much to do as we seek to fill the Director General role. 

Working together, members of the Board’s Governance and Organization Committee, the Board Chair and Dr. Kumari are preparing for a transition period, lasting through March 31, 2021. Until then, Dr. Kumari will continue to lead the IB, working with the team to ensure continuity of operations and working with the Board to ensure a smooth transition of leadership. 

Dr. George Rupp, Chair of the IB Board of Governors, highlighted the achievements under Dr. Kumari’s leadership by stating, “Thanks to Dr. Kumari, the IB significantly strengthened its position as a global leader in pre-university education. The organization further developed its programs, enhanced its services to the IB school and teacher community, and established a sustainable financial position that will enable further investment in the field of international education.” 

“The Board of Governors and the entire IB community is enormously thankful to Siva for her extraordinary efforts during her 12- year tenure with the organization. We are sincerely grateful for her leadership, especially during the current challenging environment resulting from continuing disruptions and challenges from COVID-19,” Dr. Rupp continued. “Her contributions to the IB mission are remarkable and appreciated. Her inspiration and leadership are contributing to the building of a better world.  

Dr. Kumari said, “Serving as the first female Director General is an honor and privilege.  Visiting IB schools across the globe, seeing the dedication and passion of IB educators and IB heads of schools firsthand, and learning from them every day is a true joy.  The IB’s talented senior leaders and passionate colleagues, who are dedicated to improving international education make the role even more fulfilling. I’m delighted to have worked on the 2030 strategy and will look forward to its execution”  

“The IB is a remarkable organization. I look forward to working with the Board to ensure a smooth transition and am confident that the future is bright. “ 

The Board will commence an international search process to recruit the 8th Director General for the organization. An appointment in early 2021 is expected. The IB is ensuring stability through a lengthy transition period in order to appoint a new Director General and ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities. In addition, as previously announced, the appointment of Dr. Helen Drennen as the next Chair of the Board of Governors brings deep IB experience to the organization.