Can an IB education help engineering shortages?

The head of Europe’s largest engineering institution claims more widespread adoption of the IB across schools and colleges in the UK could help reduce the engineering skills shortage. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) states in a press release how there is a huge demand for engineers and we are at risk of stifling economic growth if we do not encourage more students to study maths and science subjects.

Naomi Climer, President of the IET claims: “One way of tackling the challenge would be if more schools were to offer the IB,” and that “it’s crucial that we think more laterally about how our education system can support our country’s economic ambitions.”

By providing a broader education, while still “majoring on those areas pertinent to the students’ interests and future needs”, Climer believes that an IB education gives young people longer to discover their real strengths and interests before making life affecting choices, and this could guide them in following creative careers.

Read the full press release here.