An IB education provides a common vocabulary

In this complex world, Chief Executive of Uplift Education, Yasmin Bhatia believes that ‘IB traits’ give us a common vocabulary for how we interact with one another in balanced, open-minded and caring ways.

With references to the US elections, Yasmin writes in the Dallas News that the core reason why Uplift Education embraces the IB philosophy is because of the emphasis that all people can reach their highest potential regardless of background.

In the wake of the US election, Yasmin states “we are not drawn together because we are Republicans, Democrats or independents. We rise together every day and put our scholars first because we are connected by a deep belief in our mission to make college a reality for the 16,000 scholars we serve.”

Bhatia explains that it is important for Uplift Education to be a school system that not only provides education but advocates and mentors students, working together toward the peaceful resolution of disagreement in an increasingly complex world.

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