2016 Americas conference

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This 2016 IB Americas Conference was held from 14-17 July 2016 in Toronto, Canada.

Conference overview

  • Over 1,500 participants attended
  • 97% of attendees interviewed indicated they will be able to use what they’ve learned at this conference in their schools
  • Close to 96% of survey respondents expressed they had ample opportunity for reflection and dialogue with their peers at the conference 
  • Nearly 98% of survey respondents agreed the conference provided them with additional insights into the IB


The 2016 Americas conference was held at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Canada.


Materials from the conference

July 15th

July 16th

July 17th

Other materials

 Conference app 

If you require additional material please email us with the day, session number, title and presenter of the session.

You can request a maximum of 3 session slides per person.  


Dr. Siva Kumari

Margaret Atwood

Wab Kinew

Mary Ehrenworth

Blye Frank



Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A



Heather Michael



Gerard Calnin

Gerald Calnin


David Miller

David Miller