2013 regional conference

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Presentations from this conference available below.


DP update [2MB] PDF

Alicia Durbano

Cecilia Villavicencio 

DP update (Spanish) [2.1MB] PDF

Alicia Durbano

Cecilia Villavicencio

Novedades del Programa de la Escuela Primaria [1.4MB] PDF

Michael Clifton

Alicia Olea

Maria Hersey

Successful 'Career Related' Courses which Compliment the IBCC [1.6MB] PDF

Anthea Lake

Emily Munns

Erin Walach

Stop counting fish [3.2MB] PDF

Ashley Brailsford

The new TOK course [8.8MB] PDF

Carolyn Henly

Chris Mannix

Teaching, Learning, Assessing [3MB] PDF 

Chris Overhoff

Lou Marchesano

International mindedness in the IBMYP Classroom [1.2MB] PDF

Christy Loop

Chris Powell

Deng Juac

What is an IB education? An update of developments in the IB continuum [5.7MB] PDF

Christine Amiss

Extending access to an IB education: The IB Open World Schools pilot project [1MB] PDF

Denise Perrault

Paul Gallagher

From Idea to Implementation: IBCC in Lee's Summit, Missouri Schools [1.6MB] PDF

Diane Weeda

Elaine Metcalf

Building Sustainable IB Communities: Stretching Your PD Funds Further [356KB] PDF

Emily Unrue

Elizabeth Hubley

Margot Hoerrner

Maria Hersey

Ann Wink

IB Across the continuum: 5 Schools, 7 Programmes, 1 Concept [2.4MB] PDF

Emily Munn

Creating RSA Animate Style Videos A New Approach to Learning (ATL) [3.1MB] PDF

Craig Frehlich

Seeing IB learners as integrative thinkers [3.4MB] PDF

Giles Pinto

IBCC: a school's reflection on implementation [767KB] PDF

Kenneth L. Hunter

Jessica Stephenson

Erin Walach

Brian SpiBle

DP Curricular Updates in Groups 1 and 2 [512KB] PDF

James Monk

Fostering Resiliency through the IB Learner Profiles [2.5MB] PDF

Jason Christman

Jill Palmer

Enhancing International Mindedness [3.6MB] PDF

Jaya Bhavnani

What's Happening Across the IB: An update on IB strategy implementation [4.6MB] PDF

Jeff Beard

Scenario Planning: A roadmap for strategic planning [2.1MB] PDF

Jeff Beard

Writing In All Content Areas [1.9MB] PDF

Joel Weingart

Jennifer Carlson

The IBCC: Promoting College and Career Readiness [1.9MB] PDF

Chris Mannix

Natash Deflorian

Challenging the traditional concept of learning IB Online Professional Development [5.4MB] PDF

Matt James

Analourdes Herrera

Digitalizando la experiencia del IB: El Mobile-Learning en el PAI y el Diploma [5.1 MB] PDF

Mauricio Carabali

José Manual Bolivar

Advising Toward the Diploma Building Skills Needed for Success in the IB Diploma Program [671KB] PDF


Matt Walker

Un Diplôme IB Renforcé - A Strengthened IB Diploma [2.2MB] PDF

Elizabeth Chaponot,

John Godfrey

Monique Seefried

Planning your PD for the MYP Next chapter and beyond [4.7MB] PDF

Stanley Burgoyne

Kate Kuhn

How to build Foreign Language program through Primary Years Program [1.1MB] PDF

Su-Ling Huang

Visions of educational leadership - Leading the learning across cultures [1.9MB] PDF

Sue Richards

Doug Hamilton

Translating the IB Experience to College: Challenges for Higher Education [528 KB] PDF

Lauren Snyder

Liane Summerfield

Music education for the 21st centry [622 KB] PDF

Tom Ansuini



Assessment Across the Continuum [1.5MB] PDF

Yukesha Makhan