University of Southampton sets entry requirements for the Career-related Programme

The University of Southampton (a Russell Group university) recently published entry criteria for the IB Career-related Programme. Southampton - one of the UK’s leading universities - has now taken a formal position on the CP as preparation for higher education. Due to the flexible nature of the CP, the University has stated a number of entry requirements:

  • In line with other leading universities, the University of Southampton requires applicants to hold 3 full A Level equivalent qualifications, e.g., a double A level equivalent career-related study, plus one Higher Level (HL) and one Standard Level (SL) subject; a triple A level equivalent career-related study, plus two SL subjects. 
  • The university will make offers based on the individual diploma course subject(s) and the career-related study qualification.
  • Where there is a subject pre-requisite(s), applicants will be required to study the subject(s) at HL in the diploma course subject and/or take a specified unit in the career-related study qualification.

  • Where the career-related study meets the subject pre-requisite(s), and the total combination of the career-related qualification and the diploma courses exceed the equivalent of three A Levels, it may be appropriate to study the diploma course subject(s) at SL.


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