The IB announces important recognition development in Germany


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Diploma Programme (DP) students graduating from May 2025 onwards are set to benefit from a change to Germany’s IB recognition agreement announced this week by the Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK).

As a result of continuous efforts by the IB to enhance recognition of the Diploma Programme (DP) in Germany, the Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK) has updated the requirements of their DP International Baccalaureate recognition agreement. The KMK has accepted the IB’s request to remove the university entry requirement that states: one of the three higher level IB subjects must be mathematics, chemistry, biology or physics to be able to apply to universities in Germany and has extended the agreement so that one of the three higher level subjects must be a language, mathematics or a natural science subject. This change provides more flexibility in selecting higher level subjects and will be effective for DP students sitting exams in May 2025 and later.

“The recent ruling to lift the stipulation of higher level for Group 4 and 5 subjects for German university entrance is a remarkable milestone for us all. By removing this requirement, the KMK has paved the way for a more inclusive and comprehensive education for IB students. The lifting of the stipulation enables students to explore their strengths more fully. This newfound freedom is a testament to the commitment of the IB and the KMK in nurturing the holistic development of all our students. Furthermore, this ruling serves as a shining example of the collaborative efforts between the IB and a regional organization like AGIS.” — Liam Browne, Chair of the Association of German International Schools (AGIS) and Director of Franconian International School (FIS)

This major change to the agreement means that IB students who wish to study subjects such as languages, arts or humanities at German universities, will now be able to do so with the inclusion of standard level mathematics and sciences in their subject choices. This gives DP students wanting to continue their studies at a university in Germany a greater flexibility in their higher level subjects. 

IB’s Chief Business Development Officer, Matt Costello, stated, “this recognition development represents a great and positive step forward to continue working with KMK to ensure our programmes can be accessed by the broadest range of students possible. We are proud to recognize the IB as a quality education system where its graduates are well-prepared for university and beyond.”

Individual universities may have specific admissions requirements and the IB would always recommend that students consult each individual university directly.

For more information on the recognition of IB programmes in Germany you can now access our new recognition statement database.