The IB partners with Eastwood Global to expand its Online Diploma Programme


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The IB and Eastwood Global join hands to deliver the Online Diploma Programme (DP) pilot to high school students across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, and India. This partnership represents a paradigm shift in secondary education, increasing students’ access to a high-quality international curriculum. Students enrolled in the pilot programme will have the opportunity to achieve the Diploma Programme (DP) via a cutting-edge, 100% online high school programme.

Eastwood Global and the IB will collaborate on the delivery of a fully online Diploma Programme pilot that will offer students a cutting-edge educational experience. The Online Diploma Programme (DP) empowers students to delve into their unique talents and interests, from academics to arts, in an environment that blends global accessibility with the benefits of in-person instruction. This innovative learning approach aims to support each student’s educational journey that aligns with their goals and aspirations for their future.

The IB’s “whole child” approach fosters student’s confidence, creativity, and purpose. By leveraging their individual strengths, the IB empowers students to direct their own learning, preparing them to create a positive change for themselves and their communities. The flexible, accessible, and inclusive nature of the Online DP pilot resonates with Eastwood Global and IB’s shared mission to help students navigate their unique educational journey, tailoring their interests, and providing world-class preparation for university and life in today’s interconnected world.

Through these pilots, the IB aims to explore new pathways to better understand the needs of students who may not be able to attend traditional brick-and-mortar schools. Furthermore, the pilot works alongside and informs the IB strategy to collaboratively innovate with our global community, empower IB students to take ownership of their own learning and develop future-ready skills to make a difference and thrive in a fast-changing world.

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