The IB introduces the first online Diploma Programme pilot in Japan


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The IB and Aoba-Japan International School (Aoba) join forces to deliver Japan’s first online Diploma Programme (DP) pilot to high school students in Japan and abroad. Students enrolled in the pilot programme will have the opportunity to achieve the Diploma Programme (DP) via a cutting edge, 100% online high school programme.

Aoba and the IB will collaborate on the delivery of a 100% online Diploma Programme pilot in order to extend access to high-quality international education to a wider demographic of students both in Japan and abroad. The flexible, accessible, and inclusive nature of the online DP pilot is aligned with Aoba and the IB’s shared mission to leverage international education as a means for supporting student achievement and preparing them to lead positive change in the world. Aoba will also work to extend access to IB programmes to Japanese students learning English as a second language by providing a variety of English/Japanese support materials and services.

"Since its founding Aoba-Japan International School has been deeply rooted in the Japanese community. Over the years our school has played a key role in expanding access to international education within Japan and in bridging barriers to connect Japan with the wider world. International education and the IB curriculum have been our vehicle for achieving this vision and the Online IB Diploma Programme will only strengthen our ability to positively impact students and connect cultures,” said Chasen Stahl, Group Director of Innovation at Aoba-Japan International School.

Through these pilots, the IB aims to explore new pathways to better understand the needs of students who may not be able to attend traditional brick-and-mortar education. Furthermore, the pilots will work alongside and inform the IB strategy as we collaboratively innovate with our global community to empower IB students to take ownership of their own learning and develop future-ready skills to make a difference and thrive in a fast-changing world.