International Baccalaureate authorized in nine public schools in Colombia


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The International Baccalaureate is delighted to announce the authorization of nine public schools in Bogotá, Colombia, enabling them to implement the Diploma Programme (DP) or the Career-related Programme (CP) in local schools. This achievement marks a significant stride towards the IB’s mission of making quality education accessible across the IberoAmerican region and beyond.

Authorization stemmed from a verification visit conducted by the IB at the end of 2023. The IB submitted the final report to the District Secretary of Education (SED) in December, certifying that nine public school candidacies meet the required conditions and have received authorization to implement five Diploma Programmes (DP) and four Career-related Programmes (CP) in Bogotá throughout 2024.

"This news signifies another step on the Path to Excellence proposed by the District Secretary of Education (SED), recognizing the school management, leadership, innovation, research, and academic performance of official schools. It demonstrates Bogotá's ongoing commitment to educational quality," expressed Carlos Reverón, Secretary of Education for the District.

The IB has been operating in Colombia since 1977 with IB programmes in place within 68 IB World Schools. Colombian IB students direct their own learning pathways and develop the skills and confidence to thrive after graduation and contribute to making the world a better place.

The IB curriculum is deliberately flexible, empowering students, educators and schools to tailor a curriculum that is appropriate to their culture, context, needs and interests. To this end, the IB is committed to continue working with schools, governments, and international organizations to develop rigorous global education programmes, and increase access to high-quality education to as many students as possible.

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