The assessment and awarding model for the Diploma Programme May 2020 session


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The IB has provided schools with further detail about how it will assess students' work for the May 2020 Diploma Programme session.

The International Baccalaureate (IB), in line with other educational organizations, is working hard to minimize the impact of the pandemic on our Diploma (DP) students in IB World Schools.

IB Assessments aim to measure not only knowledge recall but also the application of these skills. Our assessment strategy for May 2020 has the objective of recognizing and rewarding these skills as accurately as we can.

In order to award a Diploma or certificate following the cancellation of all external written components of our examinations for the May 2020 session:

  • Students complete their Internal Assessment coursework as usual.
  • Schools submit their registered student coursework as required.
  • Schools submit predicted grades for each subject taken by a student.

Following the submission of the above the IB will be using historical assessment data to ensure that we follow a rigorous process of due diligence in what is a truly unprecedented situation. We will be undertaking significant data analysis from previous exam sessions, individual school data and subject data.

Our IB staff are working with an education organisation that specializes in data analysis, standards, assessment and certification. Together we have developed a method that uses data, both historical and from the present session, to arrive at the subject grades for each student. In our usual way, these grades will be converted into points that contribute to the student’s overall Diploma Programme results.

To find out more, watch Paula Wilcock, Chief Assessment Officer discuss the thinking behind our assessment model for May 2020.


For more information on further details, please view our assessment model of May 2020 letter [182 KB]. IB_Icon_PDF.png