New research shows DP growing among Title I Schools

Low-income students in the US are showing demonstrable success in college enrollment.

New research released today by the International Baccalaureate® (IB) shows that participation in IB programmes is growing in U.S. schools designated as Title I schools and that the IB’s Diploma Programme provides students from these schools with a promising route to a college education.

U.S. schools with a high proportion of low-income students are eligible to be designated as Title I schools, which allows for the allotment of federal resources to attempt to close this achievement gap. 

Closing the academic achievement gap at Title I schools has been a key objective for the IB

This study used school-level and student-level data merged from multiple sources:  the National Center for Education Statistics’ (NCES) Common Core of Data (CCD); IBIS, a data system maintained by the IB; and the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC).

The student sample included 20,403 students from public high schools in the U.S. designated Title I, who graduated in 2013 and took at least one IB exam. Full survey results can be found here.

The findings included:

  • The number of IB programmes at Title 1 schools has grown by 46 percent since the 2009-2010 school year. 60% of all public schools that offered IB programmes in the US were designated Title I in 2012-2013
  •  DP students from Title I schools, including low-income and minority students, enroll in college at much higher rates than national averages:
    • 79% of low-income DP students from Title I schools enroll immediately in college.
    • 84%of low-income African American DP students enroll immediately in college, the same percentage as white students who are not low-income.
  • 87% of African American DP students from Title I schools enroll in college – this is higher than any other racial group.  Nationally, the college enrollment rate for African American students is 57 percent.

Drew Deutsch, Regional Director for IB Americas, said: 

The International Baccalaureate is dedicated to helping all students to reach their potential. This research provides tangible evidence of the value of an IB education and demonstrates that providing a rigorous academic programme helps students of all economic backgrounds to succeed at the highest levels.

The IB has worked to ensure that all students have equal access to an education that prepares them for college and careers. In 2014, the IB launched the “Bridging the Equity Gap” project, a $USD1.646 million project funded by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and the IB, aiming to increase the number of low-income students participating and succeeding in the IB Diploma Programme.

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