IB's Career-related Programme (CP) launched as a standalone programme


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THE HAGUE, 24 November 2014 – Today the International Baccalaureate officially launched the Career-related Programme (CP) as a standalone programme available to all schools. Designed to meet the changing needs of students, universities and employers, the CP will give more students around the world access to a flexible international education.

The CP is a tailored programme of education that combines rigorous academics with a school-based, career-related study. It equips students in their last two years of secondary education for further education and the working world.

Sian Carr, Head of Skinners’ Kent Academy in the UK, said, “The mix of traditionally academic and career-related courses has seen a rapid holistic development of our young people, and given them a set of skills to take into the next phase of their lives. At the Academy, we have used the CP to raise aspirations and turn an under-performing school into a thriving, successful, oversubscribed school that has sent its first students to university.”

The CP is an international educational programme relevant for today’s generation, enabling students to become self-confident, skilled and career-ready learners. It is well suited for schools or colleges that offer career-related studies.

“In a global economy, such global perspectives, lifelong learning, and analytical skills are much needed. CP students will access a broad, flexible education which will give them knowledge, practical training, intellectual engagement, and international-mindedness, while developing higher-order cognitive skills and academic behaviours that will enhance their employability and dramatically alter their world view,” said Dr Siva Kumari, IB Director General.

The CP originated from an IB project that began in 2004 in Finland, which led the IB to develop and pilot this programme with IB World Schools authorized to deliver the Diploma Programme (DP). Following a review involving schools around the world, the IB’s fourth programme was launched in 2012 under its original name IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC).

In 2014, the CP (formerly named IBCC) was shortlisted for the prestigious World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) award which recognizes innovative international education projects that transform society.

As of 16 November 2014, the programme has been renamed IB Career-related Programme (CP), in line with the other three IB programmes, and will be made available to schools across the globe.

About the International Baccalaureate

Founded in 1968, the International Baccalaureate (IB) is a non-profit foundation which offers four high quality and challenging education programmes for a worldwide community of schools. For more than 45 years, the IB programmes have gained a reputation for rigour and high academic standards, for preparing students for life in a globalized 21st century, and for helping to develop citizens who will create a better, more peaceful world. Currently, more than one million IB students attend more than 4,000 schools in 147 countries. www.ibo.org

About the CP

The CP consists of a minimum of two IB Diploma Programme courses, a unique CP core consisting of approaches to learning, community service, language development and a reflective project and a career-related study offered by the school. This mixture of disciplines makes the programme highly appealing to students—helping them gain the experience and skills necessary to focus on prospective careers or further education—and to employers, universities and other institutes of higher education. As of now, the CP is offered in Australia, China, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Peru, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, United Kingdom and the USA. Central to its success is its international scope whereby students acquire a broader global view in addition to academic skills and work-related skills.