How the IB prepares students for university in the UK


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The IB has launched a new video series on how the Diploma Programme (DP) and the Career-related Programme (CP) prepare students for university, and why leading universities in the United Kingdom value the experience that IB students bring along.

Richard Harvey, Academic Director of Admission, University of East Anglia

"We’re looking for students who are prepared to be international, they’re prepared to think creatively and they’re prepared to think across academic and country borders and the IB adequately prepares people in all of those regards."

Paul Teulon, Director of Admissions and Registry Services, King’s College London

"When an IB student applies to King’s, we’re looking at a range of things; we’re looking at their high-level scores and subjects, we want to be looking at their overall points score and we’ll also be looking at their personal statement and potentially an interview."

Nicky Stecker-Doxat, Education Policy Development Manager, University of Southampton

"Qualities that we look for in our students will vary depending on the degree programme that they have applied for, but some of the aspects are going to include having an understanding of the subject, but also having an interest and a passion for the subject area, having an enquiring mind, the ability to work independently as well as part of a group, and also having career aspirations as well."

Emily Tomlinson, Director of Admissions, Christ’s College, Cambridge

"In terms of how the IB prepares students to be successful at University, the higher level subjects offer the same in-depth command of specific disciplines in specific areas of study as any other curriculum system, but then on top of that, the standard level subjects enable students to acquire complimentary knowledge that can often be incredibly useful to them when they get to university, broadening the options that they might have available to them."