CP overview shows growth across the board

As the Career-related programme (CP) continues to grow since its launch in 2012, we take a closer look at some highlights following the May 2019 exam session.

Candidate registrations grew by 37% since 2018 to 3,185 CP candidates. Of those, 2,544 intended to complete the programme requirements for the award of a CP certificate. The remaining 641 were anticipated registrations - candidates intending to complete the requirements for one standard level subject at the end of their first year of the CP.

The CP certificate pass rate was 75%, with an average grade of 3.99 on higher level (HL) exams and 3.69 on standard level (SL). With an average grade of 3.79, CP students demonstrate they are competitive with their DP peers, especially in advanced subjects. Additionally, scores on the CP’s unique Reflective Project align closely with the scores received on the DP’s Extended Essay (EE). The majority of CP students scored a C or higher, just like EE students.

Last year, the 200th CP school was authorized, and the IB looks forward to celebrating our next milestone.

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