This is #generationIB

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, we invite IB students of all ages to join an online event between now and 21 September, working locally or in global groups to showcase the ways they are working to find solutions for humanity's greatest challenges. This is #generationIB.

Students can get started by building a team, choosing one of five themes, identifying a challenge within their chosen theme, and finally, sharing their work and solutions on social media by using #generationIB and the hashtag of their chosen theme.

More than half of the world's population is under 30 and faces some complex and extraordinary challenges. Across the IB community, young people are using creative thinking and collaborative skills to bring about change, they are challenging the status quo and achieving positive outcomes.

Suzy Giles, Head of Global Communications and Branding at the IB, reflects on #generationIB: “From the moment we started planning for our 50th anniversary, we wanted to show people what amazing students there are studying in IB World Schools. While much of the world talks about the need to develop educational approaches which will prepare students for the uncertain future we face, the IB community has already been doing this for 50 years. The ability of an IB student to think across disciplines and cultures is unique on such a global scale. IB students are creative problem solvers, with the boldness, creativity and belief in themselves to embrace their personal ambitions and their dreams for a better, more peaceful world. #generationIB are the kinds of students our world needs, today and in the future.”

Read more about #generationIB and about the five themes here.