The Festival of Hope’s Hackathon of Hope winners announced


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The Festival of Hope, an IB initiative that brings together diverse youth voices and experiences across the globe, is delighted to announce the 27 winners of the Hackathon of Hope.

The online hackathon was created along with Celo, a mobile-first, carbon-negative blockchain to bring innovative ideas that help improve climate, environment, public goods, and social finance issues.

Launched in November 2022, the Hackathon of Hope with Celo was part of the Festival of Hope’s initiative to create supportive spaces for millions of young people to share big ideas, exchange diverse views, and inspire action. More than 1,550 teams around the world had the opportunity to build a community for change, collaborate and have fun while developing impactful solutions that can lead to a more equitable, greener and sustainable future.

“We are working on different initiatives to bring together not just young people but students, educators, scientists, spiritual leaders, researchers, artists and government leaders across the globe to explore what it will take to inspire and transform humanity. The Hackathon of Hope is a reminder of what future generations can achieve If you let them speak up and turn those challenges into positivity and hope,” said Jennifer Bahrami, Festival of Hope co-director.

Through apps, business cases and solutions, participants created a project that highlighted a technology solution that has a positive impact on the climate and environment. This challenge represents an open invitation to bring issues that matter most in the youth’s lives and communities, offering the opportunity to learn alternative ideas to create a greener future through technology.

"It has been an honour for the Celo Foundation to partner with the International Baccalaureate Organization's (IBO) Festival of Hope. We set out to attract innovative ideas to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place to live, whether helping fruit farmers to achieve a profitable harvest, onboarding 500 million mobile users in Africa to blockchain technology, or incentivizing climate-friendly land use practices. Congratulations to the top 27 winners out of 90+ competitive submissions from high school students all over the world—thank you for giving us hope and inspiration for the future," said Eric Nakagawa, Head of Developer Relations, Celo Foundation.

We are pleased to announce the 27 winners:

  • Ahsan Ehtesham
  • Kshitize Dimri
  • Prasen Jeet
  • T.R. Nanthan Kumar
  • Nartey Kodjo-Sarso
  • Bibin Philip Sam
  • Sayash Raaj
  • Riddhi Sinai Priolkar
  • Rajhrita Dutta
  • Shubham Gupta
  • Okwuosah Paschal
  • Arnab Das
  • Bakhrom Kholmatov
  • Namrata Sharma
  • Bharathkumar Kcs
  • Shrey Mittal
  • Keshav Maheshwari
  • Kartikay Kapil
  • Meiyarasu P.
  • Aman Singh
  • Vitalii Agapov
  • Joy Deep Saha
  • Amaan Sayyad
  • Rahul Kantwa
  • Arjuna Prasad
  • Abhijat Sarari
  • Theresa Veronica Kennedy

In 2022 the IB launched the Festival of Hope—an inspiring community that will help us think boldly, nurture our curiosity and empower us to act together. The Festival of Hope is designed to unite us in this challenging moment. It’s about creating spaces where millions of young people can come to speak their truth and feel heard.