Update for the November 2023 examination session


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For the November 2023 examination session, students undertaking the Diploma Programme (DP), Career-related Programme (CP), and Middle Years Programme (MYP) will complete all assessment components for each subject. The IB will award grades using all components, coursework and examinations.

As with the approach taken in the May 2023 session, the IB will again set the distribution of awarded grades to the pre-pandemic levels of November 2019. The IB recognizes that students taking assessments in 2023 will have faced disruption to their learning and will take account of this as part of the normal grade boundary-setting process. 

In returning the distributions of awarded grades close to pre-pandemic levels, the IB is taking the same approach as national and other international awarding organizations. This return to established distributions of awarded grades is aligned with university expectations and has been a phased process: results for the May 2022 and November 2022 examination sessions were closer to the results of 2019 than those of 2021. 

However, mitigation for disruption to teaching and learning arising from the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be applied during the setting of grade boundaries. 

The IB's committed teams will continue to collaborate closely with schools to understand their unique situations, offer ongoing updates, support, and helpful resources. The IB expresses deep appreciation to the global IB community for their strong resilience, adaptability, and unwavering professionalism, which have greatly enhanced students' education worldwide. 

For more details on the November 2023 examination session, students, parents and teachers are encouraged to talk to their school's IB coordinator.