This is #generationIB

Showcasing the unique approaches taken by IB students to address some of humanity’s greatest challenges

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, we invited students from all four IB programmes to join our #generationIB event to showcase their collaborative skills and innovative ideas and solutions with the world.

Students of all ages showcased their creativity and skills in working together to find solutions to some of our most pressing global issues. 

The #generationIB finale took place on 28 September 2018. Thanks to everyone who took part. Now, browse all the wonderful projects that IB students around the world posted, below. 



We’re connecting with some of our most renowned alumni to grow ideas for the themes and challenges that will shape the event. We are partnering with SDSN (Sustainable Development Solutions Network) Youth and the Global Schools Program to promote the best solutions to a global audience and showcase them to leaders from business, academia, government and civil society.

How can we capture the incredible stories and the unique approaches to problem-solving taken by IB students and share them with the world? #generationIB

How will it work?

1. First, build a team: Students can build a local team at their school or might like to reach out to their peers around the world to form a global team. They should use #generationIB to find team-mates.

2. Choose from one of the following five themes:


Education and literacy #educationIB

This theme covers topics such as technology and its impact on education, life-long learning, access to education and skills for the future.

Social justice and equality #equalityIB

This theme covers such topics as human rights, racial equality, gender equality, LGBTQI+, economic opportunities and the distribution of wealth.

Health and nutrition #healthIB

This theme covers such topics as food poverty, sustainable food production, mental health, health care, exercise, nutrition and obesity.

Citizenship and responsibility #citizenshipIB

This theme covers topics such as global communities, migration, economics, conflict, freedom of speech, responsibility of the press, fake news, the use and abuse of social media.

Environment and humanity #environmentIB

This theme covers topics such as climate change, energy, pollution control, recycling, sustainable living and urban planning.


3. Identify a challenge related to your chosen theme. Is there an issue you feel passionate about? Do you live in a society which is already dealing with the issue and is it effective, or do you think it can be done better? What world-changing ideas could you come up with?

4. Share as you go! Post photos and videos of your team in action to find solutions to these global issues on Twitter, Instagram or Periscope. Share sketches, texts and other creations that help you think smart. We’d love to see your ideas grow and develop from now right up until 21 September, and demonstrate how you work with each other in new and creative ways. Don’t forget to use #generationIB and the hashtag of your chosen theme with all your posts to get them the most coverage with the IB community and beyond, and always include pictures and tag your location.

If you can't post to Twitter or Instagram, you can share your photos and videos directly here.

5. Post your solution:  Teams share their solution by posting text, videos, illustrations and photos to Twitter and Instagram any time before 21 September. 

Be sure to 1) use the theme's hashtag and 2) tag the post with their location so that their solution is added to the #generationIB map! Find out how to post your location on Twitter and Instagram.

See full guidelines


You’ve done all the hard work, now it’s our turn to shout about it

We'll gather all of your work and solutions and show them in real time on our map.

24 to 28 September, we will proudly showcase the solutions across IB social media channels, 50th website and blog.

4 to 6 October, we will take great pleasure in showcasing the solutions to more than 1,500 participants from within and beyond the IB community at the IB Global Conference in Vienna

Our IB Global News newsletter will showcase the event and your ideas with more than 47,000 people worldwide who will get the chance to read, share and like the posts with their own friends and communities.

If you have any queries, you can contact us, or Tweet us using #generationIB.

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