Unveiling the journey of a thinker: Q&A with IB DP alumna, Amanda Luce


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Amanda Luce is a distinguished alumna of the DP at Land O’ Lakes High School, who graduated in 2015. From the Tampa Bay area in Florida, she pursued her bachelor’s in Mathematics at Saint Leo University. She is currently pursuing an MBA in Data Analytics at the University of South Florida while also excelling as a Senior Associate IS Business Systems Analyst at Amgen.

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Amanda Luce

In this Q&A session, we speak with Amanda Luce, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) alumna, about her thoughts on the IB Learner Profile attribute of being a ‘thinker’.  Amanda discusses how she was challenged to think creatively and critically not just inside the classroom but outside, through activities such as coaching a little league softball team and tutoring math students. She also tells us how honing in on these skills allowed her to contribute to reporting and analytics that helped inform local government and business leaders on an array of issues. Overall, Amanda reflects on how her IB journey helped her to cultivate thinking skills and how this has impacted her career.


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