Preparing for the 2023 examination sessions


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The IB recognizes that, due to the pandemic, students globally have experienced disrupted education over the last two years. The IB is committed to supporting these students’ progress to the next step in their education despite the challenges they have faced.  For May 2023, it is anticipated that nearly all our students will be able to take exams.

In 2023, students undertaking the Diploma Programme (DP), Career-related Programme (CP), and Middle Years Programme (MYP) will complete all the assessments and will be awarded grades based on all of the components completed for each subject. The IB will continue to support students through mitigations in the grade boundary setting process taking into consideration the impact of the pandemic when awarding results. 

The IB will work with schools to support student needs, to prepare DP, CP and MYP students for the full suite of assessments in 2023.

The IB also intends that in 2023 the distribution of grades awarded for our qualifications to return close to those of May 2019. However, it is still possible that the disruption to learning may impact student performance in 2023 examinations to some extent. With this in mind, grade boundary setting will take further disruptions into account and grade boundaries for May 2023 may not necessarily be the same as those of May 2019.

The IB’s dedicated teams will be working closely with schools to provide continuous updates and, support, resources and opportunities for questions and feedback.

For more details on the May 2023 session, students and teachers are encouraged to talk to their school’s IB coordinator.