Update on May DP exams


Last updated:

The IB is aware of speculation that aspects of May 2024 exam content have been shared online by students.

In response to the significant amount of misinformation currently circulating online, we would like to reassure our community that students will receive valid, recognized and meaningful results.  

To date, there is no evidence of widespread cheating and we are confident that this activity remains at the fringes of what is otherwise a standard exam session.  

We have taken immediate action to investigate the claims and have discovered a very small number of students appear to have engaged in online “time zone cheating”. Time zone cheating occurs when students who have completed their examinations share what they can recall from memory about the exam questions on social media before other students take the examination.

Time zone cheating is explicitly forbidden under our academic integrity policy.  

We have identified the source of this activity and are taking appropriate steps to hold those responsible accountable. Where we have identified students, the IB will open a formal investigation for malpractice, and students may receive no marks for their examinations or no grade for the relevant subject. As a consequence, no Diploma certificate will be awarded, and students can also be banned from resitting any examinations.  

We are acutely aware that IB students around the world have worked tirelessly to be ready to sit their exams and have held themselves to the highest of academic standards, and we are taking active steps to ensure that the integrity of the remainder of the exam session remains intact.