MYP students showcase 80 projects in Kenya

A solar-powered airport for Mombasa, an electrostatic precipitator to control air pollution and a bump detector gadget to reduce road accidents – these are just some of the innovative projects showcased by Middle Years Programme (MYP) students in Kenya.

MYP students complete their year-long MYP Personal Project between the ages of 14-16. Students from The Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa showcased around 80 of their MYP Personal Projects to address challenges considered central to the achievement of Kenya’s 2030 vision and Africa’s development agenda.

Many of the challenges addressed by Kenya’s 2030 vision require the application of science, technology and social innovation skills which are considered central in creating outstanding young entrepreneurs, scientists and future leaders.

Student projects also included an initiative for a home for elderly people, an app for diabetics, and cosmetics developed from local wild plants.

Esther Nondi, Middle Years Programme (MYP) Coordinator at the Academy, said: “Through the [MYP] Personal Project, students are able to take principled action that would include solving real life problems, which affect their immediate and even extended community.”

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