Helping students develop resilience through education

Brandon White, a high school student from a low-income neighbourhood in Panama City, Florida, made an important decision by signing up to the IB Diploma Programme (DP) at his high school.

The DP taught him how to think critically, to question what he was learning and to be confident, and ultimately lead to a full scholarship at the University of Florida. Raised by a single mom and having seen his three siblings drop out of high-school, Brandon became a first-generation college student.

The IB research department found out that low-income DP students enroll in post-secondary education at a much higher rate (79 percent) compared to the national average for low-income students (46 percent). “What’s really awesome is that it doesn’t matter if a student is in an inner city public school or the International School in Geneva, they are all being nurtured with the skills and knowledge universities are looking for,” says Marie Vivas, senior development manager at the IB.

IB students gain confidence and are encouraged to take risks thanks to the IB’s learner profile. “Low-income students who’ve completed DP bring that ability to take on a challenge, be survivors, and to know they can achieve,” Kevin Hudson, assistant director for college opportunity in the office of the provost at Princeton University, says.

Brandon adds: “I developed expectations that I never had before. I didn’t doubt it, and that confidence was developed through the DP.”


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