Aspiring IB students fight fake news at Newseum

Fake news is a more critical question than ever, and some students in Washington are learning how to think more critically about their media consumption.

Recently, a group of students visited Washington’s Newseum, and discussed the matter of fake news. The students were a visiting group from Virginia’s Annandale High School, and some of them will begin their IB studies at the school this fall.  

The Newseum launched a class called “Fighting Fake News” in May this year and has since welcomed an unanticipated number of school classes. The challenge is to help young people understand the difference between real and fake news. Idris, one of the students, says he started paying a lot more attention to the news after taking a government class at school, and now checks Twitter up to 20 times a day for global news. It was on Twitter that he learned that not all accounts with names containing words like “news” or “daily” are reporting facts.

It is important to know how to find the red flags and how to fact-check news. “Your gut can only take you so far,” the Newseum’s educator, Kim Ash, tells the students. “Don’t be intimidated. If you see a story and you’re asking, ‘Is this true or not?’ You have the power to find out”, she adds.

Distinguishing fact from fiction is an important part of the IB learner profile, which encourages critical thinking and open-mindedness. Learn more about how to make students aware of fake news here.


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