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The IB delivers face-to-face workshops for a single school or group of schools, upon request. They take place within the school’s premises or another suitable venue indicated by the school.

Our requested face-to-face workshops are rich learning experiences delivered at your own school, or your preferred venue outside your school premises. 

To request a face-to-face workshop, a minimum of seven participants are required.  The IB also delivers face-to-face workshops to educators across multiple schools in the same area.

Face-to-face (F2F) workshops are most suitable for schools wishing to deliver professional development exclusively to a group of their own teachers – allowing them to explore and learn with educators from a similar context.  

Given the current pandemic, schools must ensure their premises do not face any access or security issues that may prevent the IB from delivering workshops at your school. 


Request a face-to-face workshop

Please read the step-by-step guide on how to request a workshop via our online portal (PDF, 783 KB).

Information about the IB’s professional development offerings, including pricing, can be found here (PDF, 245 KB).

See a detailed list of all IB workshops in our latest IB Workshops and Services catalogue.

Workshop Schedule in Americas, Africa, Europe & Middle East

  • Face-to-face workshops consist of 15 hours of engagement across two and a half consecutive days.

Workshop Schedule in Asia-Pacific

  • Face-to-face workshops consist of 15 hours of engagement across two consecutive days.

Introductory workshops consist of 6 hours of engagement over the course of one day. To request a face-to-face workshop, a minimum of seven participants are required per workshop.

PD requirements

The IB establishes minimum professional learning requirements, which serve as a starting point for comprehensive, strategic professional learning that leads to stronger programme implementation and positive student outcomes. Please read the summary of PD requirements

Completion criteria

To fulfil the criteria for completion, participants must attend all sessions of the workshop, as confirmed by attendance lists submitted to the IB post-event. A certificate of attendance will be awarded to all participants who successfully meet the aforementioned criteria.

Requested workshop guidelines

Please read the requested workshop guidelines for each region below.

Please read our terms and conditions (PDF, 406 KB) (also available in Arabic and Turkish) and PD Conduct Policy before submitting a request.

Certificates of attendance

Have you already completed a workshop? Go to My IB PD History portal to access previous certificates.

The IB sends certificates directly to participants and their coordinators upon successful completion of a PD workshop. Schools have access to their participants’ certificates in the registration system. The IB will not withhold certificates from participants at the request of schools and/or coordinators.

Can’t find your certificate on the portal? For workshops hosted by an approved PD Provider, please contact them directly. For workshops hosted by the IB, send your details and contact [email protected].