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The IB delivers professional development workshops to educators from one or more schools upon request.

Schools can request any workshops from our IB Workshops and Services catalogue, and select their best preferred dates. Each workshop a school requests is delivered exclusively to a group of educators from their own school.

Any current IB World School, candidate or interested school with access to My School can submit a workshop request for a minimum of seven participants.

Benefits of requesting workshops

These workshops are designed to address the specific learning needs of educators: Our experienced workshop leaders facilitate engaging professional learning with educators from the same or similar context.

Information regarding PD requirements for IB World Schools under evaluation can be found here.

Information regarding PD requirements for authorization can be found here.

Interested schools, candidate schools or IB World schools can request workshops.

Requesting one or more workshops at your school is convenient and cost-effective. Schools can select their preferred dates and, since workshops take place on their own school premises, transport and accommodation costs for participants can be avoided.

In addition, schools can select any of the following delivery options:

Request a workshop

You can submit a request for a professional development workshop through our dedicated portal, accessible on MySchool via the MyIB Portal.


Request a workshop

IB World Schools and Interested schools (i.e., individual schools, districts, and Ministries of Education) can submit a request for one or more workshops over the same set of dates. Please refer to our step-by-step guide for further assistance with the request process.

Workshops are available in any of the IB’s three official languages – English, French or Spanish – for all delivery options. We can also deliver many of our workshops in other languages. 

For more information, please read our guidelines by region:

Please read our terms and conditions (PDF, 406 KB) (also available in Arabic and Turkish) and PD Conduct Policy before submitting a request.

If you are not an IB World School or a school that has not expressed its interest in delivering the IB programmes, please contact [email protected] to make a request.