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Every year, the IB schedules and organizes a wide range of professional development workshops to strengthen individual teaching practice and professional learning communities.

IB workshops provide a collaborative environment for IB teachers and staff across all four IB Programmes. Schools seeking authorization or under evaluation can register their teachers, coordinators and school heads for scheduled workshops to meet professional development requirements. 

Non-IB educators also benefit from attending professional development workshops under Categories 1 and 3.  Learn more about our workshop categories. 

You can see a detailed list of all IB-approved workshops in our latest IB Workshops and Services catalogue. All workshops are delivered by trained IB educators (IBEN), underpinned by the IB’s quality assurance framework.

Delivery options 

Individual educators can attend any of these workshops face-to-face, online, or virtually.

Find workshops using our web search tool. You can filter your research by keyword(s), location, category, programme, delivery option, or language. 


Find scheduled professional development workshops


Before exploring our workshops, please find out more about our three different workshop delivery options available for individuals, below. 


1. Scheduled face-to-face workshops

Face-to-face workshops take place at several events which the IB and our partners organize throughout the world. Every event generally consists of multiple workshops, hosted at conference venues, hotels and IB World Schools.
Find out more about face-to-face workshops.

2. Scheduled virtual workshops

IB virtual workshops are primarily synchronous: They closely resemble the experience of face-to-face workshops, but through a virtual platform. They offer comprehensive learning over three to six consecutive days.
Find out more about virtual workshops.

3. Scheduled online workshops 

Online workshops are generally four weeks long, offering a primarily asynchronous learning option, led by an experienced online facilitator. They also offer participants a unique opportunity to network, share experiences and best practices with other teachers around the world.
Find out more about online workshops.


Find scheduled professional development workshops

Request a workshop

The IB also delivers group workshops to educators from one or more schools in the same area, upon request. 

Any current IB World School, candidate or interested school can submit a workshop request for a minimum of six or seven participants.

Find out more about how to request a workshop.

Further Information

Please refer to any applicable Terms and Conditions and the PD Conduct Policy before registering for any PD offering.