Benefits of eAssessment

Through eAssessment, students will enjoy a richer experience during their final years of MYP study, as their teachers will have access to a greater range of contemporary stimulus material and media content for questioning and discussion.

Through the use of technology and the focus on deeper levels of understanding, the examination process will be an engaging, positive experience for students, while ePortfolios provide a stimulating and structured final unit of study.  eAssessment will therefore be an appropriate and natural culmination of a student's time in the Middle Years Programme (MYP)

eAssessment will provide a rigorous and standardized summative assessment to motivate teaching and learning. It is perfect for schools and parents who need external verification of student achievement, or for school districts to measure programme impact.

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More than 2,000 candidates from over 60 schools around the world participated in the pilots,  to help us test for efficacy and functionality. We expect that the MYP certificate and eAssessment will become formally recognized by regulators, governments and universities.

With eAssessment, schools have the opportunity to consider students' learning against clear standards of achievement for this age group. In turn, this will inform teaching practice. Still further, schools and school districts can use the results of eAssessment to easily create in-depth and meaningful school improvement plans.

The MYP interdisciplinary learning examination is the only examination for students aged 15 and 16 that assesses interdisciplinary understanding– giving  students the ability to learn to make connections between different areas of knowledge. 

For MYP students, eAssessments provide a global recognition of expertise, hard work and personal achievement. In addition,they will help students understand the demands of the Diploma Programme (DP) and will allow them to use the results and grades as feedback on their learning and as guidance for future subject selection in the DP. Furthermore, teachers and schools can use this feedback to determine any gaps in knowledge or teaching and adjust accordingly. 


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