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MYP eAssessment provides a rigorous and standardized summative assessment to motivate teaching and learning. It is perfect for schools who need external verification of student achievement, or for school districts to measure programme impact.

With eAssessment, schools have the opportunity to:

  • consider students' learning against clear standards of achievement for this age group.
  • use the results to evaluate teaching and learning and programme effectiveness
  • to create in-depth and meaningful school improvement plans.
  • have a competitive advantage as a leading eAssessment school


“Having externally marked, standardized assessments at the end of the middle years is something that universities in India want to see.”

Rohit Bajaj, school director Pathways School Gurgaon (PSG) in Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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“Schools and colleges find it difficult to understand the academic level of that child; the eAssessment removes that ambiguity”.

Martin Keon, MYP coordinator, Swiss International Scientific School of Dubai, UAE

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“We wanted to give students the opportunity to take advantage of what the IB created with research and cutting-edge technology.”

Cijith Jacob , MYP coordinator, Bonn International School (BIS) in Bonn, Germany

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At the highest level, ACS uses MYP eAssessment data as part of its quality assurance framework for the board of trustees and senior management to determine whether the MYP is being implemented with fidelity. “And because MYP eAssessment is very tightly aligned with the goals of the programme, success in the assessment means the programme is being successful,”

Robert Harrison, education strategy director, ACS International Schools, Egham (UK) and Doha.

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