How the IB World Schools Department can help your school

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The IBWS department combines support from your IB World Schools manager and IB Answers to provide you with everything you need to get the most out of your IB journey. Find out below how to optimize this support service.

One IB World Schools Department

Whether your school has been an IB World School for many years or you have recently received authorization to offer an IB programme, there are dedicated teams located across our global centres who support authorized schools in delivering a quality IB education.

Two functions

  • Day-to-day support from the IB Answers team, your first point of contact. This large team are trained to provide 24/5 support to queries from your IB coordinators and school leaders in English, French and Spanish. They are available by phone, email and online via My IB and can help you access the extensive library of support resources and FAQs that you find when you log in to the IB Answers application via My IB. The team will support you on a wide range of questions related to your work, from exam time support, technical and administrative issues with IB services and systems to professional development queries.
  • Specialist support from your IB World School (IBWS) manager. Every authorized school is assigned an IBWS manager who is a specialist in responding to school needs in implementing IB programmes and interpreting IB principles into practice. Your IBWS manager will guide you through the programme evaluation process from the self study through to support and development opportunities at its conclusion, to ensure it is the most purposeful and relevant experience possible, to your school context.

Together, these two functions have the overall goal of helping your school reach its full potential as an IB World School.

Three areas of service

  • Effective and efficient service and support. We commit to providing you with professional and timely support. We also commit to actively listening to our schools and using our data insights to provide the right services, advice and support based on your needs.
  • Communication and resources. We commit to providing resources such as welcome packs, webinars and support videos to help your school excel in the implementation of all four IB programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), Diploma Programme (DP) and Career related Programme (CP), and assessment in the MYP, DP and CP. We commit to ensuring schools receive the right information at the right time.
  • Sharing best practice and supporting school improvement. We commit to improving the way we help you when it’s your school’s self-evaluation time. Your IBWS manager is committed to being on hand at key points in your school’s IB journey; throughout the school’s evaluation process, and at other times when you may need a little extra tailored support to help your school to reach its full potential.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at [email protected]

At a glance: how the IB World Schools department helps you

  IB Answers helps you Your IBWS Manager helps you
Where can I find information on Assessment principles & practices?  

How do I upload eCoursework?


Where can I find the examination timetable?


I’m having trouble accessing a system (e.g. IBIS, My IB)


Where can I find the certificate for my completed professional development (PD)?


How do I register for professional development (PD) and what are my options?


How can I register candidates for exams? Subject combinations?


Exam emergencies, illness, natural disaster, security breach.


How can I update my schools information via My IB and add teachers?


How can I give students access to results?


How much are the school and assessment fees? How can I pay?


How do I implement and interpret assessment principles and practices?


How can I best prepare for evaluation and who can I approach with questions?


What are the best practice approaches for implementing standards and practices?


What professional development (PD) would you recommend in relation to our MTBA’s?


I’m not sure I understand how the standards and practices are practically implemented.


Who can discuss the outcome of our recent evaluation visit with and the recommendations made?


Can I change the evaluation date?