School experiences

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In research conducted by the IB in 2018, IB World Schools reported MYP eAssessment to offer an opportunity to provide a rigorous closure to MYP year 5 with IB-validated results. Schools indicated that MYP eAssessment has had a positive effect on:

  • Classroom learning and teaching in schools,
  • Classroom assessment practices in schools,
  • Technology use in the classroom,
  • Content taught in the classroom (e.g. national curriculum, topic list),
  • Classroom practice in preparing students for the MYP eAssessment,
  • The use of digital learning tools in preparing students for the MYP eAssessment.

Replay our recorded webinar and find out how MYP schools that participated in the May 2018 examination session experienced the MYP eAssessments and how they impacted their school practices.

School success stories

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