Virtual workshops

The IB offers educators the option to register for a virtual workshop.

IB virtual workshops are primarily synchronous: They closely resemble the experience of face-to-face workshops, but through a virtual platform. 

Virtual workshops offer comprehensive learning consisting of up to five hourly sessions daily, over three to seven consecutive days; they cover the same content as their face-to-face equivalents. 

These workshops are hosted through a web browser-based learning platform with video conferencing capabilities. Each virtual workshop is facilitated by a workshop leader and allows a maximum of 25 participants. 

Find workshops using our web search tool. You can filter your research by keyword(s), location, category, programme, delivery option, or language. 


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You can also see a detailed list of all IB-approved workshops in our latest IB Workshops and Services catalogue.

Key benefits of virtual workshops

Some of the main benefits educators can gain from virtual workshops include:

  • Access professional development from the comfort of their homes – no need to incur travel or accommodation costs 
  • Virtual workshops are available English, Spanish and French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic and other languages, on request.  
  • Virtual workshops take between three to six days to complete. Find more information about virtual workshops here.  

Explore our virtual workshops


Please note: Virtual workshops are scheduled learning experiences with specific times and dates. Please be sure to consider time zones. 

Read more about workshops pricing in our Global chart of professional development delivery offerings here. 

Certificates of Completion

A completion certificate will be awarded to all participants who successfully complete the workshop. Please read our completion requirements here.

Have you already completed a workshop? You can access your certificate of completion here.

Information about workshops accredited in Australia

Find information about workshops accredited in Australia (NSW and ACT) here.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel your registration at least 22 days before the first day of the workshop, a full refund of any registration fees paid will be credited to your school account, which can be used toward other IB invoices. 

We recognize that many participants must travel to attend IB regional workshops. The IB expects registrants to make every reasonable effort to attend the workshop for which they registered. 

Please be aware that if the workshop is held, no refunds or credits shall be issued for difficulties encountered in transit. Participants are encouraged to purchase a travel insurance plan designed to protect the traveller from losses resulting from sudden and unexpected conditions or events.

The IB reserves the right to cancel a workshop due to low enrolment or unforeseen circumstances. We endeavour to give participants as much advance notice as possible of any change to their enrolment. 

In the unlikely event that the IB must cancel a workshop, we will refund any registration fee paid to your school account, which can be used toward other IB invoices. Credit card payments will be refunded to the same card used at registration.

Please note that the IB does not reimburse participant travel expenses.