Workshop categories

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The International Baccalaureate® (IB) has three categories of workshop based on your experience level, circumstances and professional goals.

  • Category 1 focuses on IB philosophy and implementation
  • Category 2 covers delivery of the four IB programmes of education
  • Category 3 builds on and enhances professional development portfolios 

Explore all workshops under each of these three categories in our latest IB Workshops and Services catalogue.

Which workshop category is the right for me?

Choose Category 1 workshops if you are new to the IB:  

  • You are new to the faculty of a longstanding IB World School and have not taught in an IB programme previously. 
  • You are aware of the IB philosophy and programme structure but are not experienced in teaching or administrating the IB.
  • You are familiar with the IB subject guide (including assessment procedures and moderation) and would like greater confidence before teaching a course.
  • You have inherited a course and would like to review the subject content before teaching it to suit your own style and expertise.

Choose Category 2 workshops to develop your expertise in delivering an IB programme and:

  • Make connections between programme frameworks and classroom practice,
  • Enhance your understanding of assessment in IB programmes,
  • Discuss and analyze standards and practices.

Choose Category 3 workshops to delve deeper into topic areas and strengthen your understanding and mastery of a particular subject. These workshops are suitable to all educators including those who do not teach IB programmes. 

Workshop delivery options

We aim to best accommodate the learning needs and professional development goals of schools and educators, offering a variety of options for participants to attend our workshops. 

Find out more about our workshop delivery options.