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UCC country-specific how-to apply guide 

This resource aims to support you in your learning process about universities around the world, and how the admissions process works in various countries. The self-paced learning module will cover key points regarding how you can guide your students through the application and admissions processes, and preparations required to study in another country.

How to use the resource 

Start on the main map, select the relevant continent, and then pick the available country that you would like to learn more about.

Once you enter each country-specific module, use the buttons on the bottom of your screen to navigate through the different sections. To get back to the main map, click on the “home button” on the top of your screen. Each module will take about 45 minutes.

Note: Many of the additional documents referenced in the module will guide you to the Programme Resource Centre (PRC) where many resources are housed for IB educators. To access these resources, you will need a MyIB account. If you do not have one yet, you can create a MyIB account now. Please see the MyIB tutorial for more guidance.



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