Support students' transition to higher education

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Are you a student planning to apply to university, or a parent or counsellor supporting your students’ application? The information and resources below can help you navigate through the process.

If you are a school counsellor, read more on how to connect with us through MyIB and on how we can support your professional development.

IB course selection guidance

The IB courses you or your student decide to enroll in can play an important role when applying to university. Our course selection guidance can help you determine which combination of higher level and standard level subjects may best support you or your students’ goals.

Academic credit and test scores

For information about acceptance of the IB diploma, academic credit, scores required for entry, scholarships available, and other facts, visit find countries and universities that recognize the IB. 


Assessment is a crucial part of any education programme and plays an important role in measuring and supporting learning.

To gain a deeper understanding of assessment in the MYP, DP and CP, visit our page about IB assessment.

Country-specific guidance

You or your student may decide to apply to universities in different countries, and it is important to understand how the process differs by country. 

The IB has developed country-specific guides to help clarify the application requirements for countries where many IB students attend university. Plus, see our new self-paced online professional development modules for key countries.

Student transcripts

The IB provides an official transcript of grades for the MYP, DP and CP. It is an official copy of an IB candidate’s results. Transcripts can be sent directly to an institute of higher education, such as a university.  These documents are not sent to students or other organizations. Find out more about requesting and sending transcripts.

One of the most popular transcript destinations is the United States (USA). The IB often receives requests for an official grade conversion from IB to the system in the USA. Due to the decentralized nature of the education system in the USA, there is no standard or externally moderated grading scale. Read more about submitting IB grades in the USA.

Counsellors, connect with us

As a DP/CP University careers counsellor (UCC), you play a pivotal role in your students’ university application process. You are often the first person they turn to for advice on the combination of SL and HL courses they should enroll in, university admissions questions and requesting, sending, and legalizing transcripts. To receive our newsletter, find out about new available resources and discover the latest professional development opportunities, create a MyIB account and choose the University Careers Counsellor (UCC) role. The following video covers the steps for you to sign up.

Professional development opportunities for counsellors

The IB offers many professional development and networking opportunities for school leaders and administrators to provide the right environment to support teaching and learning in the IB.

Find out more about the different events and workshops available to you:

Programme research and resources for UCCs

Do you need to add your contact details and school profile for universities to the IBWS webpage or send transcripts through IBIS? Use this Resource Guide to help you through the process.

To access research on the strengths of the student experience and helpful resources to share with university admissions officers, discover why IB students succeed.

Important timeframes for University Careers Counsellors (UCCs)

No later than 3 weeks after examinations:

The school coordinator or UCC should submit a request for transcripts that require legalization to the IB.
Read more about legalization.

Before the release of results:

The school coordinator or UCC should have each student’s list of selected universities to send transcripts to.
Read more about requesting transcripts.

End of September:

Schools will receive an invoice and legalized results for legalization requests submitted for the May session.

End of March:

Schools will receive an invoice and legalized results for legalization requests submitted for the November session.