Cross-programme learning resources

Gain a fresh perspective on the IB's approach to teaching and learning through these interactive nanos and webinar recordings across all IB programmes.

  • Action research

    Explore these learning resources that provide in-depth information on how to plan and reflect around the topic of action research.

  • Strategies for broadening participation in the DP and CP

    In this series of webinars, discover and uncover new tools and strategies for broadening participation in your school’s IB Diploma & Career-related Programmes.

  • Innovation, culture and equity

    Explore these webinar resources to help you understand IB school culture, curriculum, funding equity and innovation in education.

  • Support learning for school districts and government officials

    This resource will help provide relevant and helpful information as you investigate the IB’s four programmes of international education.

  • Leading the learning

    This interactive eLearning resource educates heads of schools after they complete the required category 1 professional development workshops.

  • Programme standards and practices (PSP)

    These PD learning resources provide an overview of the PSP, implementation of the PSP in your school and how to use the PSP in your programme development planning.